CFC_circleMy name is Kendra Kaidel, and I am a soccer-crazed traveler who splits her time between working/living abroad and working/living in the States.

There are months at a time where you will see me teaching young children in refugee camps, other moments where I’ll be scuba diving in Borneo, Malaysia  or swimming in Halong Bay, Vietnam. Other times, I will be amongst a dangerous crowd of wild fans at a random stadium in some country wearing my GoPro catching all the action. Sometimes, I am working long hours in the service industry stacking that dough in the States for my next excursion. I do not know where life will lead me, but it will involve some common themes: Sustainable travel practices, outdoor adventures, tons of soccer/football, incredible food journeys, introspective thinking and writing, changing the world one photo, word and video at a time.

I have spent a majority of my life daydreaming of traveling and writing for a living. I fell in love with the sport of soccer in October of 2011, which became the catalyst and  inspiration for me to jump off the proverbial edge. I have posed the question often, “What is our one commonality as a human race which connects us all?” SOCCER of course. It is the one, single thing, beyond language, beyond culture, food, money and religion that binds us all together. America is a little behind on this, but we are catching on each passing year. I challenge you to drop the name Messi in an indiscriminate, rural village somewhere in the world and see what happens… A connection! That is what inspires me each day. To make connections with people, animals, places, and nature. Neither my family nor friends truly make sense of my obsessive need for travel and exploration; however, I am grateful to have their support despite a lack of understanding.

My deal:

I have resided in 20 states, 4 countries and moved over 100 times in my adult life. It’s quite possibly my most notorious claim to fame. I’m a mover. I’m a shaker. I’m a curious soul.

How many times have you asked someone, “If you could do ANY job in the world that makes you the most happy, what would it be?” And how many people do you know actually do what they love for a living? Isn’t that the dream? That is what I am here to do.

doing what you likeSupport me documenting soccer fan culture, hiking up that mountain you do not dare, living life in absolute truth through my videos and articles on Citizen Soccer.

Join me on my Global Journey…