Episode 2: Where in the World is Kendra?

Greetings Soccer Citizens!!

A quick geography check for everyone. One chapter ends, but another begins. Onto new and different adventures ahead. Article and video about Couchsurfing and Kuala Lumpur coming very soon. Stay tuned…


  1. Vikkita Weitz

    oohhh girl!!! How exciting!!!! So when are you peacing out? I can’t believe you’ve been travelling so long already! Time flies man… not sure if this comment will be posted onto this video so I won’t get too personal but I’m so happy that you’re finally going to Africa and well done in your time in SEA. I love you so much! I’ll holla!

    1. Author

      Hey baby girl!!!! Yes, this will post, but it’s all good. I’m leaving in two days for Africa. Currently in Bangkok wrapping up a few things and heading out. I’m very very excited. I will be doing wedding videos at some point in the near future. Currently working my way through my footage to post stuff! Love love love you. <3

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