This picture taken on May 29, 2012 shows

Only Constant is Change

My ideas for this website, for my travels and my upcoming year have changed drastically over the last few months. I am leaving earlier than expected, I am changing my plans altogether and the focus of the trip has shifted into a more complex mission. My initial purpose for this trip was to travel, meet likeminded female footy fans, do a fun project documenting soccer fan culture and teach along the way for money. It’s funny how quickly things change when you least expect it.

I spent some time researching volunteer opportunities while traveling and stumbled upon a nonprofit  called Educational Empowerment, which really spoke to me. (

A lovely group of women out of Seattle, WA run this all-volunteer nonprofit that helps women and children of the newly democratic nation of Myanmar. Furthermore, I happened upon another nonprofit called Mote Oo, which does educational work with the refugees of Mae La refugee camp near Mae Sot, Thailand. After contacting both nonprofits, I was referred to a teaching position at the camp. It is a “paid” position and requires a contract, for which I would be teaching Burmese history and psychology. Although, I had no intentions of stopping to work for any long period of time, this particular position speaks to me and I cannot pass up the opportunity. While I’m living in Mae Sot, I will continue to do additional volunteer work with the Burmese people living along the border.

My initial plans…HALTED. My new plans…WELCOME.

I love how life presents opportunities when you least expect it. Many of you do not know, but my degree is in International Development. It is SO exciting to be able to do work in my field, on-the-ground. Along with my love and passion for soccer, I also have the same passion for doing poverty alleviation work. I am exceedingly happy about my upcoming opportunities in northern Thailand doing meaningful work. My love of soccer and fan culture has not faded. It’s just taking on a different priority at the moment. This website is about many different facets of my life and my journey.

Until my April 7th departure, I am raising money for Educational Empowerment to kickstart a library for Kachin women and children in Myanmar. Please help send me off with a beautiful present for people who could use a little extra love from those of us who have it.


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