Preparation and Patience

Eight months in the works. Six months left to go. I bide my time as patiently as I can. I want nothing more than to be sitting at Dulles International airport waiting to board my flight momentarily, but I am learning that sometimes the love and time put into the preparation can be as exciting as the actual gift of travel. My imagination is running wild with all the amazing experiences I want along the way; however, I will wait.

Preparation has had me spend obscene amounts of time and money on needles, lots of needles. First came the vaccinations. Then, came the in-progress tattoos still with no end date in sight. I’ve spent countless hours behind the bar slingin’ drinks for tips whilst dealing with some interesting characters who walk into my little world on Georgia Ave. All of this is getting me ready for the next big chapter. But for now, I will wait.

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