Where It Started

None of my long-time friends can really pinpoint the moment my interests changed so significantly, but I remember it vividly:

October of 2011, I was introduced to the world of English Premier League football (soccer). The magnetism of game drew me in to such an extent, that it’s taken over my life the last few years. Once discovering the life of soccer fandom, I became a loyal supporter of my local club, DC United by being a Barra Brava season ticket holder ever since. Not only do I spend all of my Saturdays on Lot 8 with fellow DCU supporters, but a seat remains warm at Lucky Bar for me on Premier League game days to sip Bloody Marys and cold cans of Tecate while cheering on my precious Chelsea Blues. This way of life has taken such hold that travel is the only solution to quench this never ending football thirst. There is more out there I must see.

~ Kendra… aka “The Soccer Terrorist”


  1. Rosemary Storey

    I love what you’re doing Kendra
    .. I just really really really wish I was with you! I’m proud of you girl.

    1. Author

      Thank you for all the support and love, Rosemary! I appreciate it. Come visit me along the way.

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